My interests include learning Japanese, learning tango, learning guitar and swimming.
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Amongst the multitude of Japanese-related sites on the internet, this is the one that I have used the most since
beginning my Japanese journey. It is based on achieving competency in the Govt. Japanese Language Proficiency Test and is well-structured, rigorous and easy-to-use. Interactivity with the user is excellent. I would highly recommend this site if you are serious about learning the japanese language and testing your progress ... although there are many others.

[The kanji on my home page translates as kenkou or health (left) and koufuku or happiness (right)].
(left) Here's an advert for Japanese-English language meetings that I've just written. The ad is for
'drinks and conversation'. I have taught myself hiragana and katakana and now I'm starting on the 1,945 commonly-used goyo kanji (right), that is, if I want to be able to read newspapers in Japanese! Phew!
Advert for Japanese Conversational Pals

Osvaldo Zotto video still

Tangocity: Learn How to Dance Tango in YouTube Lessons

If you, like myself, are interested in learning how to dance the tango, these lessons featuring the late Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy are a good place to start.

This young couple, Boris Maidanik and Renee Fieck first introduced me to tango. They have been my main teachers here in Byron Bay during 2010. I have also had lessons with Ange Keenan and a private class with Jan Rae.
This dude's name is Sawlon. He's pretty laid-back. There are lots of his videos (including tablature) on the net.
I mainly play around with the Minor Penatonic scale in E. Here's a progression I play alot. Thanks Sawlon!

Sawlon YouTube video tab in E

I commenced a serious swimming habit last season at the Byron Bay Swimming Pool. I swam over 100 kms, each time trying to beat my personal best for the 1km (or 20 laps).This I achieved on the 14th April ... 22mins, 40secs. This site is quite helpful in maximising your efficiency.They offer a free downloadable desktop console application.

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